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 about me 

Artist who covers a range of 360 ° from drawing to sculpture, poised between the analog and digital in search of the perfect balance.
In thirty years Giulio Golinelli has always placed at the center of his life passion and the desire to experiment with new techniques in order to express his artistic sensibility.
He begins in 1980 with the hyper-realistic illustration made with traditional technique with support of advertising agencies to launch new products, then the decoration Trompe l’oeil that stimulates him to put into practice all the studies on the perspective studied at the Institute of Art and frees him from the small space full of paper forced him to create large wall decoration, then the love of the technology back to change again and introduced him to the 3D.

Fascinated by the enormous possibilities of digital technology, he joined previous experience with analog technology to take another step forward, adding again the creative advertising, carrying out spots and Ads, supporting some manufacturers of marble to make digital sculptures.
But the main limitation of technology, specially the lack of being able to touch what he is modeling model, it induces him to make a change and be open to new sculptures polymer clay become the new software and give a new impetus to his creativity, leading to mold the old lovers.

For five years : trolls, elves, dragons, superheroes in an increasing number of forms and color have taken shape, developing a modeling technique that identifies their ironic personality. Nowadays he organizes fantasy, sculpture courses and performs at events and fairs sculpting in front of the people his creations testing an enormous passion that continues perpetuating in his life.


Knowledge of traditional art:

Polymeric clay, creta, plasticine oil, acrylic, airbrush, watercolor

Knowledge of

art digital:

Photoshop, Painter, Zbrush, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Tablet Wacom